Monday, August 14, 2006

A smile to bring them in

A wink of trust
a bow of honour
a hand of meeting
and words of something new

A kiss of love
a punch of venom
and a smile to bring them in.

All of these things
can bring people towards you,
could make people leave
and walk away
or maybe to make them stay.

Whats the meaning of things we feel

What's the meaning of love
whats the meaning of truth
whats the meaning of things we feel
whats the meaning of talking
whats the meaning of fighting
whats the meaning of things we do
whats the meaning of yelling
whats the meaning of whispers
whats the meaning of things we say

whats the meaning of things we feel,
of things we do
and things we say.

The answer you see is very simple
just look up and not down
and then you might see
that the answer is inside
and not anywhere else.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

New Job

A new style
a new Job
a new age
and a new time
I've gotten older
and I am proud
I've gotten a Job
and I am thriled

Now don't question fate
and don't question aging
because all of these things just happen.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I got baptised

What a blast i've done it at last
i've gone in and out of the ocean at last
i have changed
i was reborn
i could see the change already
the foot steps that i took
walking out of the ocean
was like i was walking to God
walking to heaven

Watch the video at

I've made it to santiago

I've made it
i've done it
i've made it to the end

i'll shout it
i'll scream it i'll
and i'll say that i've done it

i can prove it
i can show you i've done it
i've made it
oh boy
what an event
i've made it
oh boy
what an adventure!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Getting Baptised

My dad asked me if i wanted to get baptised. My answer to him was simple - i said "When i was younger i wanted nothing more then to be baptised but as i got older i din't want to becouse i didn't like the idea of making a promise to god, now that i've thought of it i know that the only way to lie is to stop believing in the lord which is pretty unlikely for me, so yes i guess i will get baptised"

As i thought about it afterwards, i've gotten stuck and i'm confused at this very moment not knowing what, questions are running around my head, questions like am i doing this becouse i want to or just because if i want the attention and just the simple quistion of if i should go through this or not.

Monday, July 04, 2005

I'm going on a pilgrimage

i'm going on a pilgrimage
so give me strength and give me hope

and lead me when i get lost
hold me when i get tired
push me when i get useless
and grab me when i almost fall

give me strength and give me hope
that i'll make it OK.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Forever best frtiends

Forever we have been
best friends
now it's
time to think again.
It's time I bring this
lovely friendship up a step.
there it will lay and there
it will stay.

So drink up be proud
of the loudness of peace
and give me a piece of what
there is left of
kindness and love for me,
for us.

Were forever best friends
and that's how it'll stay
so show me the light
and turn it on bright.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

I'll never leave you

I love you, i praise you and i keep you in my heart
i stay with you, i pray with you and i'll never ever leave you.
As i live i have my problems but when i die i'm definitely free.
I'll listen to you for ever more and wait for you to open the door.